Adora Healthy Living, Potts Point

We are a FRESH & COSY family run store FOR ALL YOUR HEALTH FOOD AND ORGANIC NEEDS, located in the heart of Potts Point.

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We stock many  ORGANIC,  GLUTEN- FREE,  and BIO products, as well as Vitamin, Herbs and Natural Supplements.

Our friendly staff have a strong knowledge of our products and can assist you with whatever you need, or chat with one of our in-store naturopaths to answer your health questions.
We’re happy to show you around, help you find something satisfying for tonight’s dinner, something invigorating for tomorrow’s breakfast, a healthy treat, a healthy gift for your loved one, or something to heal your ills. We can make suggestions for the school lunch box, picnic in the park, and while there why not enjoy our regular in-store sampling of our various products.
Party Season Remedies … (December 2014)

Easy tips on helping your liver and system deal with extra festivities, and speed up recovery/ hangover:


  1. Milk Thistle (in tablet and liquid form) – to re-energise hepatocytes, anti inflammatory, antioxidant. Reduces toxic fatty degeneration of the liver. Take it with a heavy meal.
  2. Beetroot juice, to cleanse blood and liver.
  3. Wheatgrass, to alkalise the system and balance out acidity from alcohol/ heavy meal. Powerful antioxidant.
  4. Lemon and ginger tea, to cleanse liver and soothe nausea.
  5. NuxVomica, is a gentle and effective homeopathic remedy we have available for hangover, and any digestive issues.
  6. Umeboshi plums, with kuzu are great for relieving nausea.
Check out our online delivery form if you’re looking for an easy way to get the healthy products you need. We look forward to seeing you!
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